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Custom font

A custom font is the greatest tool to connect a brand with its ideal typeface. It is the most important part of the visual identity and it makes corporate communication recognizable. No matter the language or country, it keeps it constant across all identity structure.

We provide professional type design service and exclusive license without time or location limitations. As any other designed product, a font becomes part of the company assets and adds extra value to its visual identity.

Real values

A typeface must represent the real brand values. Starting with its name we design the whole typeface according to company needs and our research data.

All font formats

Beside visual appearance, a font must work within different operating systems that a company uses. We develop fonts in all necessary font formats.

Exclusive rights

Once the font is designed there is nothing more important than the rights to use it. We transfer all rights so the client can own the font and give it to agencies or developers.

Without limitations

Our custom font license gives the client all rights without time or location limitations. There are no additional charges, only a one-off fee.

2 400 €

For branding & decoration.
– – –
• etc 2 months
• 1 weight
• CE character set
• basic figure set
• arrow set

5 200 €

For branding & publishing.
– – –
• etc 4-5 months
• 2 masters
• up to 6 weights
• CE character set
• basic figure set
• arrow set
• 2 extra glyphs

10 600 €

For complex typographic projects.
– – –
• etc 8-10 months
• 3 masters
• up to 10 weights
• CE character set
• small caps
• lining & oldstyle figures
• tabular figures
• superscript & subscript figures
• fractions
• arrow set
• 5 extra glyphs

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